The New Non-Niche


Physical therapists as health care professionals.

By Scott C. Spradling, certified administrator, and Carrie M. Hall, PT, MHS

Imagine thinking so far outside the box that you end up coming full circle and finding yourself smack in the middle of that same box. That idea, that hook, that niche that you have been trying to come up with—was right there all along: physical therapy, the new niche that is really a non-niche.

Plain and simple, a clinic that provides patient-centered focus with highly skilled practitioners who spend one-on-one time with patients and uses a lifespan primary care practitioner concept is the “non-niche.”

Niche is defined as “a place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted.”1 By definition, the best niche for a physical therapist is not a specialty within the profession, it is the profession.

Never Fall Down


Promoting the quality and growth of therapeutic services in Cambodia.

By Patricia McCormick | Reviewed by Susan Nowell, PT, DPT

On April 17, 1975, the Communist Party of Kampuchea, otherwise known as the Khmer Rouge, took control of Cambodia, forcing over a million people to evacuate Phnom Penh and return to the countryside in a radical effort to instate a classless, primarily agrarian society. Khmer Rouge radicalization resulted in the brutal deprivation of basic human rights and the death of two million. Never Fall Down is a historical account of the afflictions facing the young Arn Chorn-Pond as he survived oppression and escaped death during the Khmer Rouge era in Cambodia.

The book, ghostwritten by Patricia McCormick, captures the atrocities of the period and the vulnerabilities of the young Cambodian as he is taken from innocent boyhood and his beloved family and put to work in the fields. Under the brutal Khmer Rouge regime, he is forced to work laboriously in the heat as he witnesses others dying from hunger, malaria, and exhaustion. In the midst of this massive genocide, the repercussions of the Vietnam War in Cambodia, Arn masters music to save his life.

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