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Weekly Report


Create a healthy business future with weekly vital signs reporting.

By Larry D. Briand, PT, MS, ATC

At the beginning of a patient’s visit, the patient’s height, weight, blood pressure, and pulse are taken, even before getting into the details of “How are you feeling today?” These are known as vital signs. It is paramount information in learning a patient’s overall health status and shows where they are and potentially where they need to be.

Accountability in Your Business


Bringing clarity and focus to how your team contributes to the success of your practice can enhance overall results and attainment of your business goals.

By Sturdy McKee, PT, MPT, CEO

Not enough employees in general, and especially in our industry, understand exactly what it is they are responsible for producing. They know their job title, schedule, and may understand some components of what you expect them to deliver. They know they are responsible for taking care of patients or administrative tasks, but they lack the specificity to be able to tell you what the two most important things are in performing their job.

Education Committee Report

By Jason Sanders, PT, DPT, OCS, GCS

When Private Practice Section (PPS) members are surveyed, the number one reason for membership is their desire for education. Arenas for education within our section include public relations, marketing, finance, government affairs, technology, and payment policy, just to name a few. It is with this in mind that the PPS Board develops its strategic plan and tasks its volunteer-based committees with meeting the needs of the organization and its membership. The portions of the strategic plan tasked to the Education Committee span several realms important to the PPS membership and require both independent development of projects within our committee as well as collaboration across committees.

Give Them a Reason

By Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA

We need to make sense of our lives.

This applies to all the lofty “I have a purpose” and “my search for meaning” kind of things, but it also applies to the mundane. The daily. The actions we take at each turn of our lives.

And it especially applies when we buy.

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