The Problem Isn’t Just the Cost of Physical Therapy

By Paul Gough, BSC (HONS), MCSP, SRP, HPC

What people expect in a service experience is almost the same every time—no matter if they are ordering an Uber, purchasing from Amazon, or receiving physical therapy treatments. Very few patients will think it’s okay to experience a below-par experience provider just because it is health care. A few may, but less and less are. What’s more, a lot of clinic owners are experiencing heightened frustration from patients who say they don’t want to or shouldn’t have to pay so much for physical therapy or who insist on not coming as often as their treatment plan specifies. I think the reality of that frustration is part money and part dreadful service experience.

Nominating Committee Slate of Candidates for 2017 Elections

Notice of Nomination

The Nominating Committee recommends the following slate for the Board’s consideration for the PPS 2017 Election.

Posted for your consideration is the slate of candidates unanimously selected and approved by the Nominating Committee for the PPS 2017 Election. After a careful review we believe the individuals slated possess the background, talent, and character needed to achieve the goals established in the Strategic Plan and to carry out the mission of the Section.

How to Modernize Your Annual Review


Make things better for both you and your employees.

By Julie Rieken, CEO*

The annual performance review. Paper based, once a year, rating scales . . . really?

You may be hearing about big-name companies ditching the annual review. But are they?

A Winning Team


Leadership lessons from the World Baseball Classic tournament in Seoul.

By Dan Rootenberg, PT, DPT

I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a team physical therapist and strength coach in the recent World Baseball Classic tournament. As I was sitting on the airplane en route to Round 1 in South Korea, I thought deeply about management, leadership, and what style of coaching resonates most with elite athletes and how it relates to what we do in our clinics. I had the privilege for the next three weeks of observing and sharing ideas with some of the top coaches and players in the world. These observations and conversations revealed a lot about coaching, giving me insight into which styles of leadership are most influential and effective. Not surprisingly, the leadership concepts I discussed with these professional baseball players and coaches translate very closely to the leadership philosophy we live and breathe daily in private practice.

Leader of Self

By Stacy M. Menz, PT, DPT, PCS

I found it applicable that this month’s issue is on leadership because as I sit here to write this, I am preparing for camp! I have been volunteering at this camp since 2004 and our mission is to serve kids from low income neighborhoods and public housing by bringing them to a ranch for a week to work on the concepts of community. One of the pillars of community that we talk about is leadership. We create opportunities where they get to experience themselves and others as a leader. This may or may not include leading others, but it always includes being a leader of self.

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