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The Future of Private Practice Physical Therapy

By Stacy M. Menz, PT, DPT, PCS

As I write this, I am just home from the 2nd Annual Women in Physical Therapy Summit. I was struck by the words of several of the speakers as I felt that they spoke to the future of physical therapy in an inspiring and all-encompassing way.

Creating a Local Media List

By Ben Montgomery*

Who is your local media?

As a physical therapist getting started on a consistent, consumer-based media relations effort in your community, answering this question is critical.

The Business Evolution of the Physical Therapy Industry, Part 1

The biggest changes are yet to come.

By David McMullan, PT*

The physical therapy and rehabilitation industry has grown and changed considerably over the years. With the move toward value-based care, perhaps the biggest changes and growth opportunities are yet to come. As physical therapy owners across the country prepare for massive health care–wide transformation, a look back at the evolution of the modern physical therapy industry seems fitting.

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