2018 PPS Awards Announced

PPS Awards 2018

The Private Practice Section (PPS) is pleased to announce the recipients of the Section’s 2018 awards. The PPS Board of Directors extends its thanks to PPS Awards Committee Chair Kelly McFarland, along with committee members Andrew Clarke, Steve Davidson, Curt DeWeese, Tom DiAngelis, and Patrick Graham. Please join the Private Practice Section in congratulating our award recipients at the opening session and reception Wednesday evening, November 7, in Colorado Springs.

Practice Makes Perfect

How to bring about disruption by mastering the basics.

By Subha Nagasubramanian, PT, DPT, MS

A few years ago I went through a fellowship program and one, often repeated phrase stuck with me: “Experts do the basics extraordinarily well.” When I viewed running a practice through the same lens, it completely changed my perspective. Just as a complicated dance routine or an athletic performance is a conglomeration of simple pieces practiced to perfection and layered together to achieve something incredible, so is running a practice. I realized what is needed to excel: get back to the basics, master them, and then put it all together.

My Physical Therapist Is a Terrible Provider

thumbs down cell phone

How to deal with negative online reviews while complying with HIPAA.

By Paul J. Welk, PT, JD

Reading the statement “My Physical therapist is a terrible provider” on an internet site or social media platform related to an employee of your physical therapy practice presumably stirs a number of emotions.

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