Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records

Critical features for practice management.

By Stefan Young, OD

The use of electronic health records (EHRs) has surpassed electronic medical records (EMRs) in many health care offices—especially regarding features critical to good practice management. Simple EMRs typically only consist of digital documentation of your record for a given patient. Electronic health records have the capability to be multidisciplinary. For me, as an optometrist working in a hospital setting, this is a very exciting development. Formerly it was a tedious chore obtaining lab results, verifying pertinent medical history, medications, and co-managing with other specialists. EHRs make these and other tasks simpler, faster, and easier.

Market Your Practice to Potential Buyers

All of the ways in which to market your practice

Six steps to help you along the way.

By Steve Stalzer, PT, MBA*

Selling a practice is rarely an easy decision, and marketing your practice to maximize value can be even more difficult. For those who are looking to sell, it is important to consider how to best position and market your practice to attract the right buyer. Much like selling a house, it is easier to sell a turnkey practice and command a good price if everything is in order. For the sake of this article, let’s assume an owner has taken the necessary steps to maximize the value of the practice, and he or she is now focused on attracting the right buyer.

How to Prepare Your Practice for Sale

Preparing a practice for sale

Nine tips for maximizing value and success.

By John Dearing*

If you are thinking about selling your practice down the road, a well-thought-out exit plan is necessary. Before you ride off into the sunset of retirement or embark on your next adventure, you’ll have to do a bit of homework to prepare your company for sale and identify the right buyer or partner to work through your transition. Selling a company is a bit like selling a house. Before you put your house on the market, giving it a fresh coat of paint, fixing any broken windows, and grooming the front lawn makes it as attractive as possible to potential buyers. In the same way, to maximize the value of your business, you must market your company appropriately; you can’t just declare “It’s for sale!” without doing the upfront work.

Stress Test

Stress Meter

Up all night? Grinding your teeth? Reflux? All of the above? How we react to and handle stress is a multifaceted and individual process we all should be working on.

By Eric Cardin, PT, MS

As I close in on 20 years of practice and nearly as many years in some form of management, I’ve found myself reflecting on what is important, what could I do better, what have I done wrong? The cliché of “what would I tell the younger me” comes to mind as I reflect on career, family, and life in general.


Watercolor painted man

How to begin, and begin again.

By Daphne R. Scott

By 2014, the concept of mindfulness began to hit mainstream. Who doesn’t want to be “mindful”? The promises of less stress and getting more out of life seem to be the ground in which mindfulness rooted itself in our modern world. Utilization among business leaders quickly propelled the use of mindfulness to the top of effective business practices.

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