Finding the Right Fit

Steps to hiring the right person for your private practice clinic.

By Arun Mallikarjunan*

I am sure every business owner remembers the day when they had to hire somebody to keep up with an increase in customer inflow. It is a great feeling, one that I can personally attest to. I also remember the feeling of dread that quickly followed. I have to make sure the right candidates find me, then sift through the applicants and hire the right person. Finally, how do I make sure the new person is going to be as committed to helping my business as my current team? I don’t want someone good who will leave after we have spent a lot of energy training them.

A Matrix Approach


Tools for Leading the Team in Implementing Change

By Jean Darling, PT, DPT

At times, change is required in a company for the good of the whole. If this is the case, why do we struggle sometimes to lead our team in the direction of change and other times we look like a rock star? Employers and owners can choose from lots of tools when they want to encourage employees to work together toward a new corporate goal. One of the rarest managerial skills is the ability to understand which tools will work in a given situation and which will misfire. Knowledge is not ability, although it’s easy to confuse the two. You can think of knowledge as the body of information while ability is the competence to apply the knowledge. In this sense, you can see the direction a company may need to go, but the path to get there, with your employees in tow or leading the way, may not be easy.

The Future of Physical Therapy

crystal ball see into the future

The Right Care at the Right Time, in the Right Way

By Jerry L. Henderson, PT*

People ask me all the time what I see as the future of physical therapy (PT). On a rainy, early morning while waiting in line at my favorite coffee house, I envision a future where my mocha raspberry Frappuccino is delivered by drone to my patio before I even open my laptop. In this future, politicians and payers aren’t playing whack-a-mole with the health care of the American people; instead, the issue of how to pay for health care has been resolved so everyone can receive and afford the care they need.

Innovation Through Disruption

Innovation Through Disruption

The Health Hub Practice Model.

By Gene Shirokobrod, PT, DPT; Ryan Smith, PT, DPT; and Ben Fung, PT, DPT, MBA

Innovation is often associated with creating something novel. Rarely is innovation associated with the connections of multiple perspectives or a combination of ideas; typically, business strategists refer to this as “disruption.” A new approach that places “health” first and “care” second is emerging as a blue ocean space to an increasingly savvy base of health literate consumers, a space where disruption can open the way to innovation for private practitioners.

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