Exercise your Leadership muscle


Strategic Work and Defining Your Target Customer

By Sturdy McKee, PT*

Leadership development is something that we not only do for our teams, but something that is critical for ourselves, as business owners. Budgeting time to do Strategic Work on your business is a critical component of this.

I remember, years ago, being especially frustrated with the idea of working on my business. I didn’t really know what “on my business” meant, and I was having difficulty learning more to assist me in figuring it out. I did know Howard Schultz wasn’t behind the counter at every Starbucks, and I had seen a few other business owners not working in their businesses. It appeared to me that those same business owners had a great deal more free time than I did. I did not understand how they did this, or how to get there, or even what they were actually doing. The question stalking me was: How was it that they were able to own and run, in some cases multiple, businesses while I was struggling to keep even one going?

How to Modernize Your Annual Review


Make things better for both you and your employees.

By Julie Rieken, CEO*

The annual performance review. Paper based, once a year, rating scales . . . really?

You may be hearing about big-name companies ditching the annual review. But are they?

Preventing Burnout by Growing a Caseload of Desirable Patients

By Michelle Collie, PT, DPT, MS, OCS

An internal marketing plan that optimizes long-term relationships with patients is an important and cost-effective way to grow a private physical therapy practice. Additionally, internal marketing strategies provide an excellent opportunity for physical therapists to take ownership of their caseloads, taking responsibility to grow a caseload of the kinds of patients a clinician wants to treat. A caseload of desirable patients is an important approach to preventing burnout in the workplace.1

Give It Your Best B-Hack


Don’t become overwhelmed, instead take a few tips from America’s pastime.

By Ben Montgomery*

July marks the halfway point (more or less) of the Major League Baseball season, the part of the season when the better teams and elite players start rising to the top.

This is the time of year when consistency—not occasional hot streaks—begins to reveal the best of the best. Such consistency becomes especially important during a long season when players start to wear down physically—when arms start to tire, bats begin to feel a bit heavier, and players become more prone to injuries and errors.

Know Thy Audience


Connecting with the 2020 health care consumer.

By Ben Montgomery, Marketing Manager, BuildPT.com*

Know thy audience: the first rule of marketing.

Knowledge is power, and to know your audience—to have a firm grasp of exactly who you wish to market your services to in order to grow your base of prospective customers—will truly empower any physical therapy marketing strategy.

But defining your audience takes some work. The process boils down to answering four main questions:

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