Stand by Your Brand


Community-Focused Private Practice

By Lynn Steffes, PT, DPT

You claim that your brand is a private practice dedicated to patients and the community!

Prove it! Customers are most satisfied when we not only meet, but also exceed the expectations we set!

Tee Time


Marketing strategies that are a hole-in-one for your practice.

By Don Levine, PT, DPT, FAFS

Getting you and your kids on the golf course is a great way to learn life-sport skills. While some of us may get more exercise than others searching high and low for golf balls, golf offers families real quality time together. The Professional Golfer’s Association (PGA) has designated July as Family Golf Month. The organization provides several tips for families to learn about the game of golf.1 One of the main goals of the PGA is to increase the number of golf enthusiasts. Golf is a very popular sport in this country, and its 29 million enthusiasts are not only passionate, but willing and able to spend money on the sport. How can we leverage our expertise and promote this life-sport?

Summer Fun


Help your community make choices that will have a positive impact on their well-being.

By Don Levine, PT, DPT, FAFS

Welcome to the start of June when many families prepare to take their summer vacations. How can your practice guide your community members to make good choices that will have a positive impact on their well-being? June is also Men’s Health Month, and with Father’s Day approaching, the committee will highlight several organizations and activities that will help your current and potential clients understand the value that you provide in your community.

Why They Buy


Reluctant Customers

By Lynn Steffes, PT, DPT

Think back to the last time your water heater broke, or you had to replace a major appliance. I bet you were not thrilled to spend the money or be inconvenienced by the time it took away from your busy schedule. I am not sure people seeking physical therapy services feel much better.

Management Service Organization


Measurable value and greater market strength for independent practices.

By Jim Hoyme, PT, MBA

Consolidation. We have seen it for years in hardware, office supplies, and banking. Now look around you. Hospital mergers and acquisitions. Integrated care systems. Accountable care organizations (ACOs). Specialty and multi-specialty clinic integration. Health care organizations are growing.

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