The Business Evolution of the Physical Therapy Industry, Part 1

The biggest changes are yet to come.

By David McMullan, PT*

The physical therapy and rehabilitation industry has grown and changed considerably over the years. With the move toward value-based care, perhaps the biggest changes and growth opportunities are yet to come. As physical therapy owners across the country prepare for massive health care–wide transformation, a look back at the evolution of the modern physical therapy industry seems fitting.

Embracing Technology

How to innovate wisely.

By Emily Teetzen, PT, DPT

Private practice physical therapy sits at the intersection between health care and business, both of which can present challenges. You are running a clinic in a fluid, ever-changing market while also facing the challenges presented within the health care system, which can be just as unpredictable and tumultuous. Direct access has increased our access to patients, but their path to our door can still be riddled with hurdles such as insurance coverage, visit limitations, copays, and physician referrals. You play a game of constant adaptation in trying to maintain your company’s unique identity while continuing to provide the best service and patient care. In addition, private practices need to innovate to attract and maintain effective and driven employees.

Electronic Medical Records

The dangers of a web-based system.

By Adam R. Aitken*

When it comes to electronic medical record (EMR) systems, there are two types: web and app. Before we get into the dangers of the web-based system, let’s discuss, at a high level, how these two technologies function.

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