Laser Therapy

Can your practice afford not to offer it?

By Mark Callanen, PT, DPT, OCS

Health care practitioners’ first question when assessing a modality is normally “Does it work?” Usually within minutes this transitions to “What is the CPT code?” and “Is it reimbursable?” If the answers to these questions are uninspiring, the conversation dries up quickly.

Systems for Success

Improving customer service in your practice: Three main areas of focus.

By Doug Schumann, MA, PMP, SSBB*

You say you want to provide exceptional customer service, but do you know what that takes? You must be willing to take an unflinching and objective look at the way you are providing service to your customers currently, and make it a priority to improve your performance going forward. In a recent Bain & Company survey, most folks reported they are providing better service than they actually are. In fact, when they surveyed 362 firms, 80 percent of the companies believed they were delivering a “superior experience.” Of those companies, only 8 percent of their customers agreed that they were delivering that same “superior experience.”1 This is a significant disconnect!

Stepping Back to Lead

Time to step back from patient care and step up to practice management.

By Chris Wilson, PT, DPT

Most of us became physical therapists to help people and to change lives. We are “doers”, so we chose to “do” physical therapy; however, our vision for how we would change lives can vary vastly. For some, the vision was to open one’s own practice from the beginning. For others, the vision grew while observing areas of practice on which they could improve. The challenge rests with how we define “doing” and staying true to our “why”—changing lives, not our “how”–being a clinician. The challenge is stepping back to lead.

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