Energize Your Workplace Injury Prevention Programs

Tap into employee experience

By Kristen Cederlind, OTR/L, and Barb Herke-Smith, PT*
October 2018

“Employee experience” is emerging as an important term in the Human Resources (HR) handbook, with the primary focus on creating environments that make people genuinely want to come to work.

Strategic Alliances

Choose your partners wisely

By T. Kent Rowe

We’ve all heard the adages. Two heads are better than one, there is no “I” in team, it takes a village, and so on. So in today’s business climate of strategic alliances, it’s fair to ask the question, “When is it better to join forces than to go it alone?”

Outcomes Reporting Systems: What Matters?

The right system for collecting and reporting outcomes will have several features, one of which is reporting.

By Al Amato, PT, MBA*
August 2018

The value of patient-reported outcomes (PROs) permeates health care. Patient-centered care demands that the patient’s perception be placed at the center of health care decision making.

Don’t Find Yourself Out to Lunch with the New Tax Law

Getting your deductions for meals and entertainment right for 2018.

By Kimberlee Gould*

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 brings changes that can help small businesses like yours, but not when it comes to deducting costs for meals and entertainment. In general, the new tax laws place stricter limits on whether—and how much of—these expenses can be deducted.

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