Would Preferred Provider Relationships Work for You?


Think collaboration and redesign your way of doing business.

By Joyce Ryan Boin, PT, MA

The creation of a preferred provider partnership is an innovative strategic response to the significant impact that changes in reimbursement are exerting on all segments of the health care continuum.

Prospective Chronic Disease Management

Knee Pain

An unprecedented opportunity to transform society.

By Nicole L. Stout, DPT, CLT-LANA, FAPTA

I believe that our professional potential far exceeds the current capabilities that we bring to bear in practice. I believe that we have bound ourselves to traditional models of care that perpetuate a comfortable status quo rather than seeking impactful change. Our Association’s efforts to explore nontraditional models of care, a multiyear expenditure, yielded several reports but little action. We talk of “practicing at the top of our license,” and yet we are beholden to post-injury care models. I believe that we are missing the greatest opportunity for our profession, and more importantly, the greatest need in society: secondary prevention care in chronic disease.

Physical Therapy and Lifestyle Management: A Solution for Chronic Disease Participation

Wellness hand

Medical Neighborhoods: Physical Therapy, Population Health, and Chronic Disease Management

By Russell Certo, PT

I recently returned home from the 11th Annual Graham Sessions where some of the discussion was related to physical therapy services expanding into the area of population health and chronic disease management. Last year at the 10th Graham Sessions there was plenty of conversation about physical therapists being involved in collaborative efforts with other medical providers to create “medical neighborhoods” to improve community health, now being referred to as population health. I believe these two issues are intertwined and are not mutually exclusive. Medical Fitness, Lifestyle Management, and Lifestyle Medicine are all descriptive terms for similar services.

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