From the President

Michael Horsfield

By Mike Horsfield, PT, MBA


“Strategic Plan” is the title of the most expensive and dustiest binders on my bookshelf. For years, the dreamer in
me loved the process while my pragmatist side disliked everything about it. The experience of asking “what else can
we do?” and modeling out the future impact on financials brought comfort and hope. “Plans” were abundant but finding
the “strategy” in the documents was often difficult. When we started asking “what aren’t we going to do?”, true
strategy emerged in the plan. Strategy is combining an inspirational vision with focused and disciplined action. Who
is your customer? More importantly, who is not? What makes you unique? What do you do better than anyone else? What
are you going to stop doing? These questions reveal strategy, and the answers make pragmatic dreamers sleep well.

Appreciating the complex interworkings of APTA and its respective components has been one of the many blessings of this
role. It has resulted in amplified gratitude for staff and volunteers and renewed optimism that our best 100 years is
still to come. This hopefulness comes from recognizing the power that applied collaborative strategy will have on the
great work of Sections and Chapters. During my short tenure, it is exciting to see an increased willingness of component
leaders to lean in and engage in strategic inter-component conversations. What can we count on you doing? What are you
counting on us to do? Most importantly, what do you need us not to do? These questions will undoubtedly lead to a
collaborative plan that will tear down silos, eliminate unproductive competitive overlap, focus core competencies, and
allow us to go further together.

Your amazing Board of Directors is excited to share more depth on these exciting collaborations when we gather in
Dallas. Please bring your strategic questions along with you. Your perspective is invaluable. Transformative change will
require all of us to keep asking the next best question.

Together, we got this!