Mark Blankespoor, DPT

Mark Blankespoor

Mark Blankespoor, PT, DPT, is a PPS member and owner of Blankespoor Consulting in Pella, Iowa. He can be reached at

Practice, location: Blankespoor Consulting in Pella, Iowa

Years in practice: Self-employed as a consultant with Wellness Coaching, Occupational Health and Medical Fitness; 23 years in practice

What are the most influential books you’ve read? Favorite authors are Robert Kiyosaki (Cash Flow Quadrant; Rich Dad Poor Dad; Second Chance), Dan Miller (48 Days to the Work You Love; No More Dreaded Mondays), and Kevin McCarthy (On Purpose Person; On Purpose Business Person; Chief Leadership Officer).

Describe the flow of your average day: I’m more focused and creative in the early morning, so I typically am in the office early responding to emails and working on consulting projects. Typical days include a combination of conference calls, video conferences, and meetings.

Describe your essential business philosophy: My business philosophy comes from my two-word purpose statement, “Empower growth,” based on Kevin McCarthy’s On Purpose Person. I work collaboratively with individuals and groups to develop their businesses.

What are the best/worst/toughest decisions you’ve made? The most challenging tasks are having crucial conversations with individuals or groups when things are not going well. I find that in the end this is the best solution for moving forward.

How do you motivate your employees? My experience is that I am not able to motivate others, but I can assist them with understanding their passion and their “why.” When we know our purpose, we can function in our strengths and be fulfilled in what we do.

How did you get your start in private practice? I started outside of the box by going on site to employers in central Iowa in the late 1990s. My passion in occupational health was supported by employer groups that saw the benefit of onsite therapy services.

How do you stay ahead of the competition? There are a couple factors that have been key for me. Understanding trends and staying in touch with the changes that are happening with health care have become more significant factors these past several years. The basics of staying on task with business activities and consistently following through with projects have been vital.

What was your best learning experience since inception of your practice? My best learning opportunity was running a private practice over a span of 15 years that included 5 clinics and 1 fitness center in Iowa. I gained so much practical and hands-on experience over that time.

What are the benefits of PPS membership to your practice? I consistently attend the PPS Annual Conference each year to network with peers and participate in the topnotch continuing education.

What is your life motto? We are better together.

What worries you about the future of private practice and what are you optimistic about? My philosophy is that I am not going to worry about what I cannot change. I am optimistic for our opportunities as physical therapists to continue to develop prevention and wellness programs.

What new opportunities do you plan to pursue in the next year? Lifestyle medicine is a developing aspect of health care as we move into the next era of health that focuses on restoring function. I am excited to partner with other providers with lifestyle medicine programs.

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