Spreading the Wealth


Consider a Financial Wellness Program for Employees

By Kevin Howard

In an issue dedicated to financial health, it’s important for business owners to consider their role in supporting
the financial wellbeing of their employees.

Practice owners who are particularly passionate about helping employees build and achieve their personal financial goals
may consider investing in a financial wellness provider—a financial professional that can help guide employees on their
personal finance journey.


Be cautious of providers who sell financial products or services, or if they are affiliated with companies that provide
these services, as this will turn your employees into a sales channel for products and services that may not be in their
best interest.

If you have a particular firm in mind, inquire about who will help your employees on their financial wellness journey.
Look for those who list Certified Financial Planner professionals as full-time coaches. Inquire about the firm’s
practices regarding outsourcing and training. Many firms outsource their work to a network of financial planners or put
inexperienced employees through quick “financial bootcamps,” meaning that your employees’ experience may be inconsistent
at best.


Ask a potential provider to show you studies on how their programs impacted employees’ financial wellness. Look for
other third-party validation, like case studies and references from other companies that use the provider, to measure
the results and gain insights into others’ experience.

Investing your time to select a financial wellness provider for your employees has the potential to pay off
exponentially in the form of employee education and retention efforts. Help employees see the value of thinking ahead
and working on their financial wellness! 

Kevin Howard

Kevin Howard is a staff writer for PPS based in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. He may be reached at kahoward@ahint.com.