A Few Thoughts from a Newly Elected President

By Terry Brown, PT, DPT

As I start this column, I realize I will need to come up with 33 topics over the course of the next three years that will not bore you to death. I will do my best, while you drink your coffee.

First, what a great conference we had last November, at a great venue, with great speakers and great people. I am pumped! The challenges may loom large, but this group is poised to take on and win those challenges. The private practice physical therapist is best positioned to win the battle for health care dollars in the next decade, and PPS is positioned to be your best advocate with cutting edge education, an aggressive legislative agenda, and collaborations that facilitate business.

What an example of professionalism, maturity, and selflessness was demonstrated by Regan Dewhirst at the PPS annual conference. One of our two student contest winners for their excellent private practice business plan, Regan put herself on the line by volunteering to participate with our keynote speaker in a “fear factor” experiment. In doing so, she won an original painting of basketball star LeBron James. She then turned down a $100 bill for the painting, knowing its value was greater. So, what did she do with the painting? She donated it to the political action committee (PAC), which, in turn, sold it for $2,600. I do not know about you, but when I was a student $2,600 was a large fortune that would have gone a long way to pay off debts. However, this remarkable young lady understands her professional responsibilities and invested in her future. We should all learn a lesson from Regan.

Okay, yes, there was an election, and you do have a new president, vice president, and treasurer. The rest of the board of directors remains intact and will continue to work hard for this section. I am proud to be a part of this group, and we are looking forward to the next few years as private practice steps up to its rightful place as the go-to provider for movement disorders.

Outgoing president Tom DiAngelis deserves great accolades. He has been a visionary leader and has worked tirelessly on our behalf. I encourage you to send him an email of thanks!

On a final note, I am thankful and humbled to be the president of PPS. I thank you for your trust and your support. This is our section, and our future is bright. I look forward to working together over the next three years to bring prosperity to our practices and patients alike.


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