A Prosperous PPS

By Terry C. Brown, PT, DPT

Welcome PPS members to 2016. The new year has arrived bringing opportunities and challenges that make our profession great. I wish you the excitement, passion, and drive that will result in 2016 being your best year yet.

You might note that you will be reading my column a little less often this year as I will be published every other month. In the alternate months you will be reading from another board member or committee chair to enlighten you on the exciting things that are happening at PPS. We hope you will enjoy the change as we meet your needs over the next year.

I want to briefly look back at 2015, as it has been a busy but fruitful year.

  • We began the year by developing a new strategic plan that included changes to our Mission Statement and Vision and set the parameters for the Section’s efforts over the next three years. This document drives the direction of all committees and board of director efforts.
  • We had a Key Contact Education and Advocacy meeting in Washington, D.C., bringing in more than 80 PPS key contacts for training and Hill visits to push our issues to the forefront. Ongoing success is being achieved in expanding the highly effective key contact program.
  • We received the resignation of our Executive Director and completed a search for her replacement, resulting in the hiring of Allyson Palmer who continues to “wow” us with her skills and work ethic.
  • Following more than two years of expert task force study and comment, the board developed its Position on Business Models and published the results on the website.
  • Peer2PeerNetWork launched and will take networking to the next level through structured meetings that focus on each member’s individual success. Got to www.ppsapta.org to join.
  • A Leadership Development Task Force formed to bring recommendations to the board on leadership tracks for our members.
  • A Health Care Policy and Regulatory Issues Task Force is in place and ready to advise the board on using outside resources to help with payment issues for our members.
  • The PPS board has led the effort in communication among stakeholders regarding payment policy and the ongoing efforts of APTA.
  • We have rolled out a new learning platform where you can find an ever-growing array of educational opportunities designed to meet your needs as a PPS member.
  • We are in the process of designing a new website to enhance your access to PPS information and benefits.
  • All of our committees have been productive, brainstorming and developing new ideas and member benefits that will help you reach your goals.

As you can see it has been a busy year and the fruits of our labor are evident. I want to thank my board colleagues, committee members, staff, and each of you for your commitment to the section and to the great success we have enjoyed. It is together that we succeed and I look forward to this next year as we make it our best year yet.


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