Administrators’ Network Report

By Scott Spradling, CMPE

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to the Administrators’ Network (formally known as the Administrators Council).

The Administrators’ Network is comprised of over 150 active administrative members located throughout all 50 states. The Administrators’ Network is led by a volunteer-based group of administrators that represent the interests of the private practice administrator as working liaisons on PPS committees. Together with the chairperson, the Network Liaisons serve a three-year term on selected committees, with the goal of advocating, educating, and promoting the role of the administrator in private practice.

In 2019 the Administrators’ Network, in conjunction with PPS as a whole, laid out its strategic plan. Our top three goals for 2019 are to:

  1. Actively engage with our membership throughout the year on how they can participate and advocate both locally and on a national level.
  2. Refine, refresh, and promote the Administrators’ Certificate Program at annual conference. Provide advanced conference educational content for certified graduates and promote the value of returning each year.
  3. Engage with our current membership and promote the increase of new members by providing expanded educational content year-round through our newsletter and free webinars. Check out our Section on the PPS website for more information and upcoming events.

We are also looking for member volunteers this year to fill liaison positions that will be vacated at annual conference.

Administrative persons play a valuable role in the private practice physical therapy setting. No practice, big or small, should be without one. And while ultimately we’d love to connect and network in person at our wonderful annual conferences, we also understand the limitations that can place upon a practice, which is why we are dedicated to engaging with our members throughout the year. Membership is only $50 a year, and is one of the best value-added investments a practice owner can make, not only in their managers/administrators but also in their company.

So if you are a current member, we thank you and hope that you’ll continue to renew each year. If you are a former member, we’d love to have you back. And if you haven’t yet joined, I encourage you to do so. Get active, get involved, stay informed, and network with amazing industry professionals.

Scott Spradling

Scott Spradling, CMPE, is CEO at Movement Systems Physical Therapy in Seattle, WA.

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