All About Staffing

By Stacy M. Menz, PT, DPT

As you read this issue, take a moment to reflect on where you are in your business journey.

Maybe you are considering starting a business, or hiring your first employee, downsizing, restructuring, merging, or selling. Or you could be in a completely different spot. Maybe you have employees already or you have never had employees but are contemplating if it is right for you.

This issue will help you look at how to get the right people in the right seats in your company. However, first you have to know what those seats are and where the bus is heading. Even if you already have a full staff and have been running a successful business for many years, it’s important to take stock and reassess every once in a while.

What is your corporate culture? What are your mission, vision, and values? Does your staff exemplify this? If yes, great! If not, why not? Has the direction of your company changed but your staffing has not? Have you hired for convenience and necessity and not taken or had the time to make sure the person was the right fit?

Maybe it’s time to update your mission, vision, and values to fit where your company is now and who makes up your company. Or maybe it’s time to get your staff on the same page and bought into the culture and vision you have for the company.

Wherever you are on your journey, your current or future staff will play a role in the path your company travels. Are you providing them with what they need and the expectations and visions you have as their leader to keep that path smooth?


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