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Beyond the Bottom Line: Succeeding to Serve

Turn success and wealth into a substantial benefit to the community

By Christine Astarita, PT, DPT

We all joined this profession for our own reasons, but the ability to impact other people’s lives and help them was probably involved, as it often is in healthcare. We also start our own practices for our own reasons; it could be for freedom in time or decisions, based on financial considerations, or to make an impact in the community you choose to serve.

Updating Your Financial System to Match Your Practice Growth

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Financial reporting must evolve to ensure sound and efficient decision-making

By Rachel Siltman

When you opened your physical therapy private practice, you used a particular set of financial tools, and they’ve served you well up until this point. But if you’re finding that your financial system is no longer serving your practice’s needs, that system may need to evolve to incorporate new tools and strategy as your business grows. The processes and reporting systems utilized to get a private practice started will need to be modified and updated to ensure continued financial success.

Don’t Let the Scale Tip Too Far


Strategies to help balance and to experience success in all facets of life

By Michael Manzo, PT, MPT

I was home one evening, allegedly enjoying time with my family (since far too often I would not be home for dinner). Physically, I was in the kitchen, but mentally, I was in the clinic stressing about the pile of work that was mounting on my desk. My then-five-year-old daughter asked me, “Daddy, why do you have that face on?” She squinted and scrunched up her face, mirroring my expression and looking like a very stressed-out little person. At that moment, I finally committed myself to some very needed changes.

Clean up your Contracts: A Step-by-Step Guide for Negotiating Higher Reimbursement Rates

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Truly understand the intricacies of insurance contracts and navigate the negotiation process

By Bryanne Johnson and Matthew Johnson, JD

Everyone is feeling the impact of rising costs in today’s business environment. Goods, materials, and labor have become more expensive, negatively effecting the bottom line. Unfortunately, there is no corresponding increase in the reimbursement rates for therapy services. These rates are based on the percentages included in the payer contracts with our patients’ insurance companies. Now more than ever, insurance contract negotiation is a critical aspect of driving revenue into our practices.

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