Building a Stronger Online Presence

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Quick tips for building a stronger online presence for physical therapy companies both large and small.

By Brittany Burkfield

When you plan your practice’s social media strategy, it is important to establish some ground rules.

As we incorporate more technology into our daily lives, having a website is imperative to the success of your clinic. We live in a world where people search before they shop, and this holds true for those seeking physical therapy as well. Not having a website means losing future patients, and it’s important for your clinic to provide patient-accessible information.

First impressions matter. Using strong visual language to convey to future patients the type of experience your clinic offers matters. Your website should be professional looking and have polished content in both the written word and imagery.

Details are key. Register your clinic on Google’s business directory and Yelp. This will boost your clinic’s search results when users are looking for “physical therapy near me” in different browsers. Ensure that the details on your clinic’s profiles are consistent with your website.

What does SEO mean anyway? SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is all about increasing your website’s visibility in searches. Ensure that your website is able to organically rank higher in search queries by writing relevant content on your website. Think about the terms your patients are searching when seeking care.

When in doubt, hire a professional. Investing in your website is always money well spent.

Brittany Burkfield

Brittany Burkfield is the marketing manager and creative director at IRG Physical & Hand Therapy (Integrated Rehabilitation Group) which has multiple locations in Washington state. She can be reached at

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