Marketing Is a Team Sport!

By Lynn Steffes, PT, DPT

Marketing is not the role of an individual or just the owner. I often say that marketing is a team sport. Everyone in your team has a role in promoting your private practice and its services, whether directly to family, friends, colleagues, and people you know in the community or through formal channels in your practice. Marketing should be a part of every job description, every interview, every orientation, and every staff role.

Go from Press Release to Press Relations

By Ben Montgomery,

Distributing physical therapy (PT)-related stories via press releases is a practice physical therapists are starting to warm up to.

Not only are press releases valuable in educating the public about the value of physical therapy, but such efforts also help ensure physical therapy is always part of the storyline. Physical therapists should be represented in the press wherever there is an emphasis on functional movement and exercise to improve lives and communities.

Veteran PT, Industry Advocate, Joins VGM Advantage


VGM Advantage has hired Stephen Anderson, PT, DPT, to serve as its new senior health care advisor.

In his new role, Anderson, a 37-year physical therapist veteran, will provide business consulting and thought leadership to VGM Advantage’s membership group. Included in his consulting services will be a series of recorded videos and podcasts. Titled “Profiles in Leadership,” the program will be used to help engage with members across the nation.

Streamline Your Business


5 steps to get all your practice locations on the same track.

By Brian Gallagher, PT

If you own a physical therapy practice with multiple clinics in a variety of markets, it’s possible you may find yourself struggling at times. A question you may have is “How can I get them all running exactly the same? What universal metrics should I be using that I can apply across the board to all of our offices?”

Our Patients, Our Advocates


The power of sharing our stories.

By Michelle Collie, PT, DPT, MS, OCS

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines advocacy as “the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal.” An advocate is a champion, a proponent, a supporter, a friend, a true believer. We teach, we coach, and we instruct other physical therapists, employees, and our students in the importance of advocating for our profession. However, there is a fine line between advocacy and marketing, and the health care consumer certainly understands this when representatives from a physical therapy practice attempt to advocate for their services.

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