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  • 2018-02-February

An Update

By Jason Sanders, PT, DPT

Access to educational resources ranked very highly in importance (4.25 out of 5) among respondents to the recent Private Practice Section (PPS) Member Survey, and it was the number one reason they visit the PPS website. Last year, PPS moved all online educational resources, including archived webinars and Annual Conference recordings and the 101 video modules, to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Learning Center. This move makes it possible for all APTA members to easily find our valuable resources while still offering members-only discounts to PPS members. In fact, many of the resources there—including the five Marketing 101 video modules, seven Finance 101 video modules, and three Operations 101 video modules—are free to PPS members. The Education Committee is currently discussing additional 101 video series to round out the curriculum.

A Time for Gratitude

By Stacy M. Menz, PT, DPT, PCS

The month of February brings Valentine’s Day, and whether you see it as romantic, sentimental, or commercial, it offers an opportunity to express gratitude and love to friends and family.

Because You Made Them Smarter Sports Fans

By Ben Montgomery, BuildPT.com*

Establishing credibility with consumers is difficult without engagement—without having discovered a way to interact with people that establishes your credibility and conveys a sense of value for the physical therapy profession.

Strategic Planning


Avoiding Business Drift

By Bridgit Finley, PT, DPT

Have you ever floated on a raft in the ocean? One minute you are peacefully enjoying your day, and the next minute you realize that you have drifted significantly off course and are unknowingly miles away from shore. Drifting away from your destination happens in life and business more often than we realize. As business owners, we get caught up in completing the day-to-day urgent tasks, and we forget to follow our strategic plan.

A Matrix Approach


Tools for Leading the Team in Implementing Change

By Jean Darling, PT, DPT
February 2018

At times, change is required in a company for the good of the whole. If this is the case, why do we struggle sometimes to lead our team in the direction of change and other times we look like a rock star? Employers and owners can choose from lots of tools when they want to encourage employees to work together toward a new corporate goal. One of the rarest managerial skills is the ability to understand which tools will work in a given situation and which will misfire. Knowledge is not ability, although it’s easy to confuse the two. You can think of knowledge as the body of information while ability is the competence to apply the knowledge. In this sense, you can see the direction a company may need to go, but the path to get there, with your employees in tow or leading the way, may not be easy.

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