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An Inside Look at Three Strategic Partnerships

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Practice owners illustrate the strengths and challenges encountered in strategic partnerships.

By Steve Stalzer, PT, MBA*

An ideal strategic partnership leverages the strengths of two entities to create something that is greater than that which could be created by either organization working alone. While partnerships in health care are not new, they have not been adopted in physical therapy as they have in other aspects of medicine.

Value-Based Care: How to Participate

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The first in a series of articles prepared by the PPS Payment Policy Committee.

By Rick Katz, PT, DPT, MA
September 2018

Value-based care is often defined as demonstrating the relationship between patient outcomes and cost.

When the Competition Becomes Your Strongest Ally

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Create strategic alliances with those going through the same struggles.

By Alecia Johnson, CPB

A notice shows up in your email from your local Medicare administrative contractor indicating that in the coming months they are implementing a new policy that will impact your practice, and you’ve got to take action.

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