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Soar to New Heights

Multicolored Birds

Diversity in the workplace and its correlation with success.

By Roy Rivera Jr, PT, DPT, PhD

Being a private practice owner or working in a private practice setting comes with its own unique set of challenges.

Perspectives from the Field

Heart hands

Physical therapy humanitarian efforts.

Interview Compiled by Kristen Wilson, PT, DPT

Often viewed as a giving profession, physical therapy helps its patients achieve superior levels of function, returning them to their goals and mobility aspirations.

Cultivating Respect

Pencil erasing maze

Clearing a path for diversity and inclusivity.

By Kim Stamp

The topics of diversity and inclusivity in the workplace are getting a lot of attention these days.

Why Inclusive Leaders Are Good for Organizations, and How to Become One

Harvard Business Review
By Juliet Bourke and Andrea Espedido, Harvard Business Review, March 29, 2019 | Reviewed by Matt Slimming, PT

As Juliet Bourke and Andrea Espedido explain in the Harvard Business Review (March 29, 2019) article, “Why Inclusive Leaders Are Good for Organizations, and How to Become One,” diversity isn’t enough when building an effective team.

What Exactly Is Indemnification?

Indemnity sign-off
By Paul J. Welk, PT, JD

Indemnity is defined as a duty to make good any loss, damage, or liability incurred by another; the right of an injured party to claim reimbursement for its loss, damage, or liability from a person who has such a duty.1

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