Combating Systemic Failures

How my experience as a physical therapist is helping me tackle racial inequality

By Amy Williams, PT, DPT

I’ve never been much of a writer. I often have great difficulty finding the right words to say in normal circumstances, but sadly, our country is anything but normal right now.

Exit Strategy Considerations

Arrow pointing to an open door

The COVID-19 crisis may serve to change, accelerate, or delay your exit strategy

By Jeff Ostrowski, PT

As a result of COVID-19, most of us have been immersed in business strategy, law, banking, finance, operations, telehealth, people, and patients.

Leveraging Data to Rebuild Your Practice

Spreadsheet surrounded by computer
By Mike Osler, PT, DPT

COVID-19 has left most business owners with the daunting task of not only rebuilding practices but also doing it in a way that will put the company in a stronger financial position once the recovery is complete.

Practice Success That Can Be Measured

People standing near an oversized cell phone
By Brian Gallagher, PT*

Recently, I was at a conference delivering a lecture to a room filled with physical therapy private practice owners and said, “It’s time we begin to question the KPIs we have long-been accustomed to because PT 2020 and beyond is looking much different than ever before.”

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