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How to Perform a Leadership Audit


We scrutinize everything but this critical component of business health

By Phil Cadman, PT, DPT

Audits can be time-consuming, but the investment is well worth the information and insight gleaned. In addition to other audits you may conduct, a leadership audit must be part of every leader’s review.

2021 Graham Sessions

Presented by the Institute of Private Practice Physical Therapy, the annual Graham Sessions is the premier opportunity for physical therapy professionals to engage in open, often spirited dialog on issues affecting the industry.

Proposed Section Name Change

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I Need a Manager, Quick!

By Lisa Mackell, MPT

Few things can disrupt a smoothly running clinic like a manager exit. As practice owners, it is easy to find yourself desperate for a new manager to take-over as soon as possible, especially when we are faced with assuming their duties. However, this should not be a knee-jerk reaction, and requires careful thought and consideration on your part.

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