Hello? Is It Me You’re Looking For?

cell phone

Get insider insight into making Google Ads work for you.

By Chris Mesigian

Little did Lionel Richie know nearly (gulp) 40 years ago, he was writing an anthem for search marketing of the future. People are out there looking; it’s time they found what they are looking for: You.

How to Create an Online Sales Funnel


Learn to effectively generate leads using your website.

By Chris Cilluffa

While many business and sales-minded practice owners regularly deal in marketing and sales, many overlook a vital sales tool: the online sales funnel. In our clinics and the clinics we serve, online sales funnels have proven to be essential for success for four main reasons:

Mistakes of Marketing on a Small Budget

By Kevin Howard

Whether you’re just starting out or are a small-and-growing practice, marketing is crucial to increasing awareness of your practice and gaining new customers. However, small practices with modest marketing budgets are often competing against larger practices with larger marketing budgets and may make mistakes as they navigate amidst providing patient care, managing and growing a business, and marketing. In this article, Section members Peter Decoteau and Scott Wick, together with their colleague Scott Benson, outline the most common mistakes made on small marketing budgets—and how to avoid them.

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