Leadership Lessons

Debunking the myths that affect the quality of our leadership

By Chris Kopp, PT, DPT

When Impact Magazine inquired if I would be interested in writing an article on leadership I said, “Sure, piece of cake!” However, sometimes tackling a piece of cake can be more complex than we think.

De Novo or Acquisition Growth: Which Option is Best?

magnet on yellow background

You’re ready to expand your company – should you open a new start-up clinic or look for an acquisition opportunity?

By Janie Taylor, CEO, PT, DPT

You opened a clinic—you have learned the ins and outs of private practice and you’re ready to do it all over again!

Business Essentials

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By Kevin Howard

This month, we’re highlighting five resources—FOUR FROM PPS ALONE—that PPS members can take advantage of to build their practice and become a fearless leader.

The 5 Cs of Change

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Learn the five components of leading change successfully.

By Jane K. Oeffner, PT, DPT, MBA

So now we’re going to talk about change management and leadership? After all we have been through the past two years? Wasn’t that scary enough?

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