Raising Your Bottom Line Without Crossing the Line

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By Connor Jackson

After two years of COVID-induced uncertainty and strained revenue streams, private practice owners are looking at ways to stabilize their practice operations and income. Before setting out on a new business venture or profit-generating plan, consider the laws that govern licensed professionals and weigh the risks against the benefits. Below, I discuss a few of the questions I hear most frequently from private practice physical therapists.

Clean up your Contracts: A Step-by-Step Guide for Negotiating Higher Reimbursement Rates

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Truly understand the intricacies of insurance contracts and navigate the negotiation process

By Bryanne Johnson and Matthew Johnson, JD

Everyone is feeling the impact of rising costs in today’s business environment. Goods, materials, and labor have become more expensive, negatively effecting the bottom line. Unfortunately, there is no corresponding increase in the reimbursement rates for therapy services. These rates are based on the percentages included in the payer contracts with our patients’ insurance companies. Now more than ever, insurance contract negotiation is a critical aspect of driving revenue into our practices.

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