2022 Private Practice Section Awards

The Private Practice Section, APTA, would like to acknowledge those members who have made valuable contributions to physical therapist-owned businesses, their community, and the Section. Awards will be presented at the 2022 Annual Conference & Exhibition in Aurora, Colorado, November 2-5, 2022.


Awarded to acknowledge a single member of the Private Practice Section whose contributions to the Section and APTA—like those of Robert G. Dicus—have been of exceptional value.


Awarded for distinguished contributions of time, energy, or expertise towards promoting the goals of the Section and enhanced benefits to its members.


Awarded to acknowledge a single member of the Private Practice Section who demonstrates the core values of excellence, integrity, social responsibility, altruism, and professional duty thru a unique and sustainable program that positively impacts their community.

Deadline for Nomination: June 17, 2022. Visit www.ppsapta.org/awards for more information!

Dream, Believe, Execute — Repeat

rock staircase overgrown with weeds

Execute the steps needed to avoid obstacles and move your practice forward

By Beth Winkler

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we love to dream. It’s in our blood. It’s why we took the risk to go out on our own. But a dream and a vision can only take us so far. We have to be able to execute, which involves a detailed plan with goals and targets. For many of us dreamers, this can prove to be a challenge. It is crucial to break goals up into small, doable steps.

It is an Emergency That You Be Prepared…

lanterns on a dresser

Shocking variances between private practice and rehab agencies

By Mary R. Daulong, PT


As you know, a comprehensive compliance program should address all areas of vulnerability related to federal, state, and local laws governing.

Time After Time: Managing Workflows by Frequency

calendar with pushpins

Plan for weekly, monthly, and yearly time frames

By Nathan Risley

Creating better habits will always be on your to-do list. Intentional and automated actions are excellent tools to streamline efficiency. For myself, I have found that this becomes an all-or-nothing exercise in changing my ways. If I have something that I can make a daily task for, it is almost always a low effort to make it routine for me. After a week or two, it works into my daily checklist with ease.

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