Three Steps to Effective Conflict Resolution for Business and Home Success

tug of war
By Stephen Rapposelli, PT

If you are a physical therapist, you may very well possess certain traits woven into your very soul that make you lousy at conflict resolution. I would be willing to bet that you hate conflict, you want everyone to get along, you make everyone feel better in most instances, and you love it when everyone gets along. Are you raising your hand right now?

How to Terminate an Employee: Document, Document, Document

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By Allen Andrascik, Esq

“Document, document, document” is the mantra that most, if not all, employment lawyers will tell their clients, big or small, who are faced with a problem employee who may ultimately need to be discharged for not measuring up to expectations. It is never an easy task to confront having to let an employee go, especially when your business or organization has invested time and energy into training the employee to become an integral part of your operation.

Ease the Friction of Doing Business

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By Elizabeth Baxter, MS

The featured resources this month will help smooth your way on the business front, providing a mix of some tools that will increase your knowledge and others that will guide you to a healthy work-life balance.

Smoothing the Billing Process to Achieve Faster Payment

12 tips to help get paid correctly and faster

By Jessica Matherne

The priority for a billing company is to help their clients get paid quickly and correctly. Unfortunately, many payers don’t share that priority. In fact, they are strongly motivated to find ways to NOT pay valid claims, creating friction in the A/R cycle.

The Drama-Free Workplace

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Reducing workplace drama starts with a foundation of psychological safety and a commitment to a gossip-free work zone

By RaeAnn Thomas, PT, DPT, MS

Drama. The truth? You love it. Oxford Languages defines drama by using the word “exciting,” and one of the reasons we find drama so interesting is our deep-rooted attraction to storytelling.1 The historical study of communication tells us that our ancestors gathered around fire and water to tell the stories of their day.

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