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5 Strategies to Get Out of the Red

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How to return your practice to financial success

By Matt Slimming, PT, DPT

As profit margins erode in outpatient physical therapy, we are seeing that more practice owners find themselves not making a consistent profit. It is not uncommon for clinics to operate at a loss.

Show Imposter Syndrome The Red Light

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Improve your skills as a leader

By Jane Oeffner, PT, DPT, MBA

As leaders, as well as physical therapists and physical therapist assistants, we often must forge ahead without all of the answers. The very nature of our roles leads us into ambiguous situations, forcing us to improvise with a smile in order to do the best by our employees and/or patients. However, those struggling with Imposter Syndrome do not possess the confidence to do so, inhibiting them from excelling. Even more detrimental is the drain on relationships. How do you connect with colleagues and patients with walls up to protect you from being “found out”?

Tame Your Temper: Managing Anger to Achieve Excellence

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Checking your emotions can enhance your leadership ability

By Alicia Backer, PTA

Everyone experiences anger. We have all felt it and lost our ability to control it: whether as just a mere irritation or as a full-blown tantrum. Although hard to believe, anger is a healthy emotion because it alerts us to know when something is distressing. Anger can be brief, or it can be the center of our existence. Some people seem to be most content when they are angry, while others avoid showing anger with every bit of their being. Neither of the extremes are healthy for the individuals themselves or for those around them. When anger is left uncontrolled it will undoubtedly cause destruction and harm, some of which will be irreversible.

Committee Chair Letter

Kelly McFarland, PT, DPT
By Kelly McFarland, PT, DPT

It is a pleasure and privilege for us to be in such a great profession as physical therapists but an even higher privilege for us to see the magnificent impact so many individuals are making on behalf of our profession.

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