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Start your compliance program

By Nuket Curran, PT, DPT

Compliance, yes, that’s what I said. This term typically strikes a level of dread in most who hear this mentioned. If not dread then, an “eyeroll” or a specific emoji symbol?

Winning Moves: Thinking Two Steps Ahead


Five concrete actions to thrive in a competitive market

By Jill Marlan, PT, MSPT

Since our organization began its journey in 2011, we have found the following five strategies to be key to intelligent growth. Our market is a very competitive one, but by adhering to these principles, we continue to expand and bring health improvements to the communities we serve.

Committee Chair Letter

Cristina Faucheaux
By Cristina Faucheaux

After serving as the Chair of the APTA Private Practice Key Contact Sub-Committee for the last seven years and a member of the Government Affairs Committee (GAC) for the last eight years, I was appointed as Chair of the Government Affairs Committee.

Editor’s Note

Kristen Wilson
By Kristen Wilson, PT, DPT

When my kids were small, we taught them the game of chess to have something to do on long flights, while waiting at restaurants, and on “boring” days at home.

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