Differentiated Marketing: Beyond Simply Standing Out


Attract and direct the right customers

By Liz Plowman, PT, DPT

“Marketing is not a game of hide and seek. It is a mission to be as obvious and noticeable as a lighthouse. Don’t hope to be found. Demand people see you. You’re the beacon of the best choice in the fog of mediocrity.” — Mike Michalowicz

Seasoned Perspectives of Private Practice Ownership


Filling the gaps in business management

By Matt Slimming, PT, DPT; Meredith Tittle, PT, DPT; Jeff Jordan, PT; and Robert Bacci, PT, DPT

We know that you probably didn’t receive much quality business management training in your Physical Therapy schooling. However, many physical therapists in private practice are grappling with business challenges that require management wisdom and perspective.

Problems with Pliable Policies

person pulling yellow putty apart

Accommodate for the greater good without weakening foundations

By Nathan Risley

When considering the idea of flexible policies, there are two, many times contradictory, lines of thought that run through my mind. The first thought is wanting to be flexible with a policy to help someone better achieve a goal with less hurdles and resistance in the way. It is in the spirit of empathy or support that I want to make the road to success as smooth as possible. This tends to conflict with the second thought; what is the purpose of intentionally constructed policies if they need to have an asterisk next to them with a list of exceptions?

Challenge Yourself

a grey maze
By Charles Scogna

Gray is more than just a color. It is a combination of colors, a combination of multiple angles. It is an opportunity to see things differently. It is a chance to muddy the waters, to challenge what you know, and to expand by pulling in from other sources until your view is gray. As such, the resources for June’s Impact are about those other angles.

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