The Spoils: Structuring Owners’ Compensation

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Tailoring compensation to a specific stage of your career

By Paul Martin, MPT

In a small to medium-sized physical therapy practice, it is essential to differentiate between ownership and compensation. Ownership reflects the stake you hold in the business based on your initial contribution, whereas compensation is tied to the role you play and the time you invest in the business. As a practice owner at different stages of your career — new to practice, mid-life, or preparing for a sale — it’s important to understand how to best structure owner compensation. And remember, no advice can substitute for the expertise of an attorney and accountant — two critical members of your advisory team!

Five Ways to Treat Your Team Like Royalty


Create the ideal work culture

By Jenna Gourlay, PT, DPT

Last Wednesday, you bought the team milkshakes; yesterday, you praised them during the team meeting, and you always keep your door open to hear concerns and give advice.

How and Why to Hire a Veteran

American flag

A retired marine outlines how you can better engage America’s heroes

By Jeff Reeves, PT

Our military veterans are a tremendous resource for civilian-owned businesses. As a USMC veteran, I feel that I have a good understanding of how vets can benefit outpatient physical therapy clinics as employees. To provide some perspective for the reader, it may be helpful to know that I was involved in extensive combat operations in multiple regions over multiple years. For obvious reasons, I won’t expand on those missions here. I have also been an outpatient physical therapist for 14 years.

Cash vs. Insurance: The Dangers of Comparisons

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The best way to market your out-of-network practice isn’t about insurance at all

By Stephanie Telibasa, PT, DPT

There’s a new trend of out-of-network (OON) physical therapists marketing their services online using comparison charts. One column will list all the drawbacks of going to a traditional in-network therapist and the other will list the benefits of seeing an OON provider. Examples like this are popping up on social media, physical therapists’ websites, and even on sponsored ads targeting patients.

The Royal Treatment

throne room
By Charles Scogna

Purple’s rarity in nature is proof of its importance, its wisdom, its regality. In business, to treat clients, employees, and yourself royally is to go the extra mile, provide a level of comfort and confidence equal to the richness of purple. As such, the resources for August’s Impact are about the royal treatment.

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