Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

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Six steps to guide your private practice decisions

By Lauris Rigdon, PT

Have you ever encountered a new idea or opportunity that you felt was exactly what you needed to catapult your business to the next level? How carefully did you evaluate the new idea to determine if it even made sense for your practice? These days private practice owners are flooded with “shiny objects” everywhere. Social media, email, networking groups, and Annual Conference, among others, showcase new “shiny objects” that offer hope and promise for a brighter future amongst declining reimbursements and staffing challenges in our insurance driven markets. These ideas or shiny objects come in many forms, and without careful planning, they can cause more harm than good for your staff and practice.

Beyond The Gold Star: Rewarding Stellar Performance

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Innovative ways private practice owners across the country go beyond pay raises

By Liz Plowman, PT, DPT

As physical therapy practice owners, it is vital to acknowledge and reward the accomplishments and stellar performance of excellent employees. According to a Harvard Business Review, a staggering 82% of American workers feel that their supervisors do not recognize them sufficiently for their contributions to the workplace. Further, 40% of those surveyed indicated that they would gladly put more effort and enthusiasm into their work if they were recognized for their contributions.1

Creating a Path to Your Pot of Gold


Critical steps to optimizing value in a sale

By Steve Salzer, PT, MBA

Regardless of your age or retirement goals, taking the following critical steps will ensure you create a clear path to your “pot of gold” and a successful transition when the time is right.

Committee Chair Letter

Carrie Hall, PT, MHS
By Carrie Hall, PT, MHS

How fortunate I am to be the next Committee Chair to write an article for Impact Magazine! What better issue to write about leadership, and the role of the Nominating Committee (NC) for APTA Private Practice, than the Gold Issue! Gold is an iconic symbol of leadership exemplified in the Golden Rule of Leadership, the Golden Circle of Leadership, and the original Golden Rule.

Editor’s Note

Kristen Wilson
By Kristen Wilson, PT, DPT

Upon sitting down to write this editor’s letter I was overwhelmed with which direction to take this message given the rich variety of topics that the color gold lends itself. Gold standard? Sure, that seems like the easy route for a physical therapist. Gold riches? Perhaps that might resonate with a bunch of entrepreneurs. Worth its weight in gold? Easy play for likening to the idea of cherishing teams and the autonomy. But nothing landed and I found myself frustrated with where to start. And to boot, this is the SHOW issue. While I realize that means little to the average APTA Private Practice member, in Impact terms, the “show issue” is the most coveted issue of the year and requires the finest level of detailed review and content. Yep, no pressure Kristen.

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