From Recruitment Woes to a Resilient Workforce

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Overcome today’s staffing challenges and embrace the future

By Liz Plowman, PT, DPT

Picture this: it’s a bustling Monday morning at your clinic. Patients are waiting for their appointments, phone lines are ringing, and the paperwork is piling up. Amidst the organized chaos, you breathe a little easier because you know that your charming new receptionist, whom you successfully onboarded last week, is at the front desk, offering a glimmer of hope for a smoother day. The only problem? You glance at her workstation, expecting to see her bright smile and helpful demeanor, but it’s empty. She’s gone — no notice, no explanation.

Letting the Past Go

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Key actions to be profitable in the current state of inflation and reimbursement

By Matt Slimming, PT, DPT

I think we have all dreamt of going back in time at one point or another. We all would like to go back to when things seemed better. It’s easy for those of us working in health care to think back to the good old days when reimbursement was higher.

The Future of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Systems: Revolutionizing Healthcare Management

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Adapting to an ever-changing landscape

By Steven Presement

In an era where most industries need to adapt to new technologies, the healthcare sector is no exception, both administratively and clinically. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems have become an integral part of patient care, fundamentally transforming how patient information is maintained, medical facilities operate, and healthcare is delivered. These systems have come a long way since their inception, and as we look into the future, their potential for revolutionizing healthcare management becomes even more evident, if not crucial.

A Leader’s Most Important Role: Developing Other Leaders

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Invest in your team and inspire greatness

By Stephen Anderson, PT, DPT

A teenage boy sits in stairwell in a dormitory at Washington State University. Sitting across from him is the iconic basketball coach, George Raveling. It was in August of 1972. The boy was looking for counsel as he was one month away from his senior year in high school and trying to decide which college to attend and pursue his basketball dreams. With more compassion, gentleness, and skill than the boy was expecting, Coach Raveling encouraged him to go where he could make a difference for his teammates and his community. He cautioned getting lost in a big sea, go where you see yourself as part of the village no matter what happens in basketball.

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