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Committee Chair Letter

Cristina Faucheux, PT
By Cristina Faucheux, PT

While we may not wear capes, we possess a superpower in our ability to heal others. Our capacity to diagnose and treat the movement system transcends many levels, promoting healing and well-being in our patients. As a practitioner in the business of delivering physical therapy services, we play a crucial role in driving and managing change within our organizations.

How to Build an Organizational Chart

organizational chart

Establish and review your practice’s hierarchy to streamline

By Lisa M. Mackell, MPT

I have often been asked by my staff and managers about the importance of organizational charts. Some wonder why they are necessary since everyone already knows who their bosses are. Others depend on seeing the visual layout to know their place in the company and understand the ladder of command. I have also consulted with companies that have a very detailed organizational chart yet never shared it with anyone and it remained in the computer for no one to see. Where do you fall on the importance of creating and maintaining an organizational chart for your practice?

Shapeshifting Yourself and Your Business with D2E – Myth into Magic!

multi-colored blobs of fluid

How to expand your offerings to include on-site services

By Glenda Key, PT, and Christine McCallum, PT, DPT

In mythology, shapeshifting requires transforming oneself or others through unnatural means. Marketing and delivery of services “Direct to Employers” (D2E) may seem to be an unnatural practice model for you. To keep up with the rate of change in the world, metamorphosis into new business models needs to be a natural transition for those providing physical therapy and wellness services. Initially, the provision of D2E services may seem completely different from the work you are doing in your clinic. However, when it comes down to it, you and your staff are using all the same knowledge and skills you use every day — screening, assessing, educating, consulting, negotiating, motivating, and ensuring safety — just in a different setting for a different customer. Expanding your mindset to include a focus on Total Worker Health®1 and marketing to Employers opens up multiple revenue streams for your practice.

Be Nimble

Modify your business model to remain effective and dominant in your market

By Kristen Wilson, PT, DPT

Private practice physical therapy must be nimble. With continuous changes in payment, staffing, inflation, and regulations, the practice owner who is slow to move with the times will find himself unable to meet the needs of his team and clients. Given our superpowers of innovation and flexibility, shapeshifting to meet the needs of the future allows our practices to remain viable, successful, and relevant. Check out how these five practice owners modified their business model to remain effective and dominant in their markets. How will you innovate in 2024? Shapeshift your way into a successful future.

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