Boosting Employee Morale: Strategies for Clinic Owners

PT and patient working on hand strength training

Seven key areas to help your employees

By Troy Bage

In the field of physical therapy, the success of a clinic depends not only on providing quality care but also on the morale and motivation of its employees. Employee morale plays a crucial role in creating a positive work environment, enhancing patient outcomes, and promoting clinic growth. As a clinic owner, it’s essential to prioritize strategies that boost employee morale and create a thriving workplace. In this article, we will explore effective strategies specifically tailored to the physical therapy profession.

Dangling the Carrot: Incentive Plans for Your Team

carrot on a stick

Establishing behaviors that can drive business goals

By Carlyle Schomberg, MPT

Imagine this scenario: You’ve been in practice for a few years. You are profitable, growing, and have a good, stable staff. You have offered a few benefits, but your staff has been asking for Health Insurance benefits. You are wondering, “How can I afford to provide this benefit? If I don’t, will my staff leave for greener pastures, with more benefits?” What to do? After some research, you discover that Health Insurance will cost you $60,000/year. You also know that there is opportunity to improve staff performance as it relates to units/visit.

Building a Culture of Compliance


Best practices to foster adherence

By Nuket Curran, PT, DPT

Culture and compliance aren’t always two words that seem to naturally fit together in the same sentence. I would argue that there are no two words that are better suited together when talking about healthcare organizations’ best practices.

Why? Because one begets the other.

Warmth and Energy

fire pit
By Charles Scogna

Orange is a color of warmth, energy, and enthusiasm. It is a color most often associated with a sunrise, when the night sky brightens as the sun peeks over the horizon, and a sunset, when the sun sinks under the horizon and allows us to reflect on the day. In business, orange is about the warmth and enthusiasm that extends to everyone in your private practice, including yourself. As such, the resources for September’s Impact tap into the orange glow of energy.

We’re Getting the Brand Back Together

art studio

Implementing your brand the right way will inject life and interest in your business

By Chris Mesigian

As the marketing and sponsorship manager for a major bicycle brand I was tasked with coordinating and promoting our professional triathletes. The sport of triathlon is a unique animal in that unlike the major sports (football, hockey, baseball, basketball), the pros that make a living at it aren’t household names. More similar to golf and tennis, triathletes don’t just show up at every race looking for trophies and accolades, but to earn their living through prize money and incentives.

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