Are Your Payor Contracts Killing You?

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By Steven L. Line, PT with contributions from Heather Engel

“Get the patients and get the money” was something a mentor of mine used to say, years ago, when I was starting out. Simply put, physical therapy business is nothing more than getting patients in the door and getting paid for what you provide. Unfortunately, a lot has changed in the last quarter century, and those changes have brought more complexity to the pursuit of surviving and growing in physical therapy private practice. Third-party payor contracts add another layer of difficulty to growing your income.

Considerations for Maintaining an Employee Handbook

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Set your compliance and legal standards from day one

By Paul J. Welk, JD, PT

Most physical therapy practices utilize an employee handbook as part of their human resources process. Like many other aspects of the physical therapy profession, the compliance and legal requirements for a practice’s handbook frequently change over time, and practices need to take actions to update and maintain a quality, compliant handbook. This article will review some key considerations for practices to address when either preparing or updating employee handbooks.

SBA’s National Ombudsman


What all small businesses need to know

by Michele Schimpp, National Ombudsman at the U.S. Small Business Administration

Having broken both of my wrists playing tennis two years ago, my respect and appreciation of the physical therapy field is heartfelt and deep, thanks mostly to my former physical therapist Molly, whom I think of nearly every day, even years later.

What Would You Do Differently in Your Practice If You Could Live Forever

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Embracing timeless commitment in practice

By Arianne Missimer, PT, DPT

The journey of my transformation, of rising up from adversity, began in the shadow of my brother’s battle with cancer. His courage in the face of such a profound challenge planted the seeds of resilience within me. His fight and eventual loss to cancer ignited a burning purpose in my heart — to change lives through the power of health and movement. Yet, I was unaware that my own ascent was about to begin, grounded in personal struggle.

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