‘Aww, You Shouldn’t Have…’: Why Giving a Gift to a Referral Source Might be a Bad Idea

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Federal laws that regulate the relationship between clinician and referral source

By Jason W. Bialker, Esq

Physical therapists in private practice have always been challenged by the need to generate new referrals and new referral sources to maintain their space in the market to not only keep the doors open, but to maintain a steady, and hopefully increasing supply of patients in a competitive market.

How to Thank Your Staff: Bonuses and Celebrating Accomplishments

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Celebrate the positive of every day with your staff

By Shae E. Minnick, PT, DPT

Have you ever wondered how to say more than just “thank you” to your staff? What holds meaning for them? What would they appreciate? Do they even need a thank you? What about those who go above and beyond? What about the little things that go unnoticed? How often should you acknowledge these accomplishments? How can I afford one more thing?

Secret Sauce Recipes

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A blueprint to identify your practice’s differentiators

By Kenny Erb, PT

“Unique Value Propositions”, “Differentiators”, “Competitive Advantages”, “Secret Sauces”. When it comes to how we understand and communicate the aspects of our business that make it well, special, there are no shortage of descriptors. Here’s my favorite:

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