Recruiting + Retention: Aligning Benefits with What Employees Want

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How comprehensive benefits packages can differentiate you from the competition

By Bridgit Finley, PT, DPT, and Janie Taylor, PT, DPT

In 2023, organizations will continue to face significant challenges: a competitive talent landscape, an exhausted workforce, and pressure to control costs amid a looming economic downturn. How employers respond could determine whether they are an employer of choice.

Creating a Culture of Fun

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Instill joy in the workplace on a day-to-day basis

By Audrey Finer, PT, DPT

Upon starting my first job as a new graduate from physical therapy school, I got roped into being the lead of the social committee. What a great way to connect with my new coworkers, right? Little did I know planning and implementing “fun” for the company would be exhausting and one of the more challenging volunteer positions I have taken.

Purposeful Disruption In Your Practice For The Greater Good

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Beyond the usual scope of services that enable practice expansion and increased accessibility

By Jenna Kantor, PT, DPT

Once upon a time, a physical therapist friend of mine, Susan, was at a dance physical therapy meet-and-greet. There were some seasoned dance physical therapists at this event, and Susan approached one of them, Tanya, eager to connect.

Going For Gold! Reap or Reinvest Your Profits?


The balance between financial security and assuming risk

By Clark Smith and Jeremy Walker

The decision to reap or reinvest your business’s profits can be a difficult one. Some level of reinvestment is, of course, necessary. But striking the balance between maintaining personal financial security and assuming more risk in an ever-changing marketplace is no easy task, at least not when the practice may still be in its infancy. Creating an elaborate and detailed decision matrix to best allocate profits across your personal needs and the practice’s needs is beyond the scope of this discussion, but examining some considerations in allocating those profits remains, nonetheless, a worthwhile exercise.

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