Do You Have a “Who” Problem or a “How” Problem?

By Paul Gough, BSC (HONS), MCSP, SRP, HPC

If you are a physical therapy business owner, manager, or clinic director, the feeling of burnout is something that you are likely to be familiar with. Can you relate?

If you are working too hard, which can lead to burnout, the first thing you have to ask yourself is this: Do you have a “Who” problem or a “How” problem going on in your business?

Make a Visual Statement

By Ben Montgomery

Physical therapy is about people: their goals, their journeys toward better movement, and those who help them to get there. These are stories we cherish as a profession, and they go a long way toward educating people about the power and the value of physical therapy (PT).

But without photos, worthwhile stories about patients and the physical therapists who help them seem impersonal and incomplete, especially since the story is about physical movement!

Go from Press Release to Press Relations

By Ben Montgomery,

Distributing physical therapy (PT)-related stories via press releases is a practice physical therapists are starting to warm up to.

Not only are press releases valuable in educating the public about the value of physical therapy, but such efforts also help ensure physical therapy is always part of the storyline. Physical therapists should be represented in the press wherever there is an emphasis on functional movement and exercise to improve lives and communities.

Use Your Physical Therapy Blog!

By Ben Montgomery,

Few things are sadder in the physical therapy marketing world than a clinic blog that is underused or completely ignored.

We have all seen them: physical therapy blogs that proclaim “Hello world!” because no other posts have been added, or those once-used-but-soon-forgotten blogs whose most recent posts date back a year or more.

What makes them sad from a marketing perspective—more disappointing, really—is that such blogs indicate physical therapists are underutilizing one of their greatest marketing tools.

Hit the Reset Button

By Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA

I’ve got a quiz for you.

Your cell phone (or computer) just went wonky. You didn’t drop it in a puddle or run it over with your car. It’s just not quite working as it usually does, and it’s really beginning to frustrate you. What’s the first action you take?

If you’ve had any experience with small electronics, you’ll know that it usually doesn’t pay to hire an electrical engineer or computer technician to fix each issue that comes your way. At least not to start with.

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