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As a long-time member of APTA Private Practice and reader of Impact I was encouraged to read the article from a member on an optimistic approach to the future of physical therapy. I was dismayed however that is was signed anonymous. I understand there may be fear from some of views that are disparate from the norm, but this was very positive, and I would like to know who is saying that.

Ira Gorman, PT, PhD

Dear Ira,

Thanks for your question. While we always love to champion the writings of our members and contributors, some authors prefer to remain anonymous given the sensitivity of their topic. We respect this ask in an effort to offer innovative and authentic articles that are not censored for the sake of protection.

Impact Staff,

My thanks and kudos for this article on using alternate benchmarking for a private practice (bit.ly/3KM3BPX)! I’ve had a cash-based practice for 25 years and these are exactly the points that I considered without having such a clear rubric. Embracing the relationship of the value structure of customers with our skill set marries the heart of service with the practicality of business.

I particularly appreciate the perspective of how we are in a service profession. All service is filling a need and this article focused on identifying the market share, what do they value, what do they need and want, and how can we help them get that.

This style of thinking — clarity on why we are doing something and then what is our plan from the viewpoint of what’s in it for the customers — follows excellent business strategic thinking and helps us become more aligned with customer-centric, direct access value production instead of the traditional medical model. This reflects the secret to my success back when cash-based models were largely theoretical.

Thank you for this content!
Dr. Ann Ryan

Committee Chair Letter

Cristina Faucheaux
By Cristina Faucheaux

After serving as the Chair of the APTA Private Practice Key Contact Sub-Committee for the last seven years and a member of the Government Affairs Committee (GAC) for the last eight years, I was appointed as Chair of the Government Affairs Committee.

Editor’s Note

Kristen Wilson
By Kristen Wilson, PT, DPT

When my kids were small, we taught them the game of chess to have something to do on long flights, while waiting at restaurants, and on “boring” days at home.

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