It’s Time to Check Up on Your Telehealth Program

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Guidance regarding fraud in telemedicine and nondiscrimination in telehealth.

By Paul J. Welk, JD, PT

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many physical therapy practices quickly implemented, or otherwise accelerated, the use of telehealth as a method of providing patient care services and surviving a very uncertain business environment. With a very short timeline to implement a telehealth program, many practices may not have had adequate time and resources to consider appropriate policies and procedures governing the provision of telehealth services. Recently, a number of federal agencies have published guidance relevant to the provision of telehealth. This guidance provides a good opportunity for practices to either develop, or otherwise reevaluate, their telehealth policies, procedures, and processes from a legal and compliance perspective. This article will highlight some important issues addressed in this recent guidance.

Curious About Coaching?

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Considerations When Expanding Your Physical Therapy Practice

By Connor Jackson

Physical therapists begin their relationship with patients in a healthcare setting, assisting them with recovery, pain management, and mobility after an injury or illness. But when physical therapy brings relief and progress, patients often want to maintain that forward momentum — even when it is no longer medically necessary.

Raising Your Bottom Line Without Crossing the Line

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By Connor Jackson

After two years of COVID-induced uncertainty and strained revenue streams, private practice owners are looking at ways to stabilize their practice operations and income. Before setting out on a new business venture or profit-generating plan, consider the laws that govern licensed professionals and weigh the risks against the benefits. Below, I discuss a few of the questions I hear most frequently from private practice physical therapists.

Free Money? Not So Fast

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Considerations for dealing with overpayments and credit balances

By Paul J. Welk, PT, JD

Free money. It sounds like something too good to be true. In private practice physical therapy, it may likely be too good to be true. Based on a variety of different circumstances, physical therapy private practices will find that they have received money to which they are not legally entitled.

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