The Corporate Transparency Act

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A new item for practice compliance

By Paul J. Welk, JD, PT

Even readers new to Impact Magazine and private practice physical therapy are likely aware of the numerous compliance obligations that fall upon practice owners, clinical staff, and the practice legal entities themselves. These obligations cover a broad range of topics including documentation, coding, HIPAA, Medicare, and a variety of other subjects. This article will examine the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), a new item to consider on the practice’s list of compliance requirements.

Riding Off into the Sunset

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Key legal concerns for closing a practice

By Erin Jackson

Starting and running an independent physical therapy practice takes work. Once you’ve decided to end your time as a practice owner, though, you may expect smooth sailing. However, your obligations to your practice and patients don’t end overnight. Here are a few legal concerns you and your trusted advisors should consider before shutting your doors.

FTC’s Proposed Rule to Ban Non-Compete Clauses

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Summarizing key issues for private practice owners

By Paul Welk, JD, PT

Over the years the Legal Impact column has touched upon numerous issues related to noncompetition clauses and their effect on private practice physical therapy. This article will review the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) recently published proposed rule to ban noncompete clauses, how the proposed rule may affect private practice physical therapy, and steps practices can take to prepare for the potential future implementation of the proposed rule.

Avoiding the Rose-Tinted Glasses in Healthcare

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Beware of sensationalism and health misinformation

By Erin Jackson

Navigating the sea of new health information is an exhausting but necessary endeavor for physical therapists seeking to stay on the cutting edge of science, even more so if the information is obtained online.

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