Connecting with Your Community

group of people in front of sunrise
By Peter Decoteau

Connecting with the community is an essential part of marketing for any physical therapy practice — it means meeting your community where their needs are, building relationships, and bringing value to people beyond the walls of your clinic. Brian Hay, PT, DPT, Marketing Committee member and communications officer at Performance Physical Therapy, recently presented a webinar, “How to Get the Most Out of Your Community Events,” aimed at helping PPS members engage with potential clients and patients by making an impression in the community. In the presentation, Brian gave an insightful and comprehensive overview of how to select, market, organize, execute, and follow up on events to raise awareness of your services to those who are most likely to access them.

4 Ways QR Codes Can Ignite Your Marketing Efforts

smartphone displaying a QR Code
By Peter Decoteau

I’ll be the first to admit it: I was skeptical of QR codes when they began to catch on in the mid-to-late aughts. I found them to be more trouble than the problem they were attempting to solve; that it was easier to just do a Google search or type in a URL address than it was to bring up a special app and snap a pic where the code fit just so.

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