Minding the Gap: Measuring the ROI of Traditional Marketing

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By Peter Decoteau

The ever-present challenge in marketing is the push and pull of action and measurement; learning, strategizing, coordinating, implementing, measuring, refining, rinse, repeat. Digital platforms have afforded us the ability to “close the gap” between executing our marketing efforts and measuring their success—if not completely, then to a much more precise degree than ever before.

Marketing PT to the Modern Consumer

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How evolving consumer attitudes require shifts in our approach to marketing physical therapy

By Peter Decoteau

The past two decades have seen a steady shift in cultural attitudes about healthcare for individuals and their families, from that of a passive – or at least deferential – mindset to a more proactive approach.

Reduce Your Marketing-Related Stress

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Take Advantage of the PPS Marketing Resources!

By Peter Decoteau

One of the great benefits of being a member of our Section is that you have access to a wealth of valuable resources created and curated by experienced physical therapy professionals from around the nation.

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