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Expanding Your Patient Experience in the Community

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How two practices are growing by giving back

By Heidi Jannenga, PT, DPT

Creating personal connections with patients has never been more important. Patient referrals, brand reputation, and social media are influencing how and where patients choose to seek care. According to the recent PT Patient Experience Report, “44% of patients are choosing clinics without a doctor’s recommendation, and 89% use other factors, such as social proof (e.g., reviews) and schedule flexibility when deciding where to seek care.”1

However, after two-plus years of a pandemic and social distancing, some practices may be struggling to build the authentic connections so crucial to patient loyalty and employee retention.

Mentorship: Tools for Attaining Great Talent

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Effective approaches for this tight labor market

By Yvonne Swanson, PT, DPT, and Kayleigh Melroy PT, DPT

As business owners, we must manage multiple aspects of growing a successful practice, all of which require our attention. Of these, it is likely that one area that is top of mind these days is talent acquisition and retention, especially in this year’s market and environment. So, what can help make a good practice great at attracting talent and supporting the current fleet’s growth? There are quite a few great answers to this question. This article focuses on a key one: a great mentorship program.

Perspectives from Across the Pond

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How the pandemic affected physical therapy in Scotland

By Steven McLean

When I graduated as an MSc physiotherapist in Scotland in 2005, I always envisioned working in private practice. However, I took the traditional (expected) path and went to work for the National Health Service (NHS), a publicly funded healthcare system in the United Kingdom that provides healthcare services to all UK residents at no cost to them at the time of delivery.

Three Steps to Effective Conflict Resolution for Business and Home Success

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By Stephen Rapposelli, PT

If you are a physical therapist, you may very well possess certain traits woven into your very soul that make you lousy at conflict resolution. I would be willing to bet that you hate conflict, you want everyone to get along, you make everyone feel better in most instances, and you love it when everyone gets along. Are you raising your hand right now?

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