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Peer2Peer NetWorks: Like Networking on Steroids


The PPS Peer2Peer NetWorks program is modeled after the “mastermind” principle. A mastermind is a group of individuals who meet on a regular basis to help each other achieve their highest potential by sharing best practices and holding each other accountable. Many successful entrepreneurs, from Henry Ford to Bill Gates, have used masterminds to help grow their business and work on their personal development.

Have you ever wished you could just talk to another practice owner about a problem you’re dealing with, or about a new business model, or even “Should I buy a building?” “When do I hire that next person?” “Do I need an administrator?” We can all agree we didn’t get the business education we need to run our practices in PT school. And sometimes we feel like we’re running this thing by the seat of our pants!!

PPS Peer2Peer NetWorks bring like-minded Private Practice owners from different markets together in small groups to share best practices and expertise, discuss “hot topics,” establish key metric benchmarks, analyze operations, build life-long friendships, and work toward helping each other improve the bottom line. Peer2Peer NetWorks are networking on steroids!!

This program offers Private Practice owners access to invaluable resources to help grow and improve their practices. Participation in a NetWork benefits practices of all sizes and is especially valuable to the solo and small practice owners who will now have access to peers who understand and share the challenges that come with ownership.

If you would like more information or an application, please see the PPS website: PPSAPTA.org. Or contact the Peer2Peer NetWork Facilitator, Randy Roesch, PT, DPT, MBA, at rroesch@ymail.com.

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