‘Just Listen’

How listening can impact you and those you serve

By Ellen Schmitt, PT, DPT

On every clinical rotation during my time in physical therapy school I made it a point to ask as many patients as I could one of the following questions:

Managing Employee Engagement on Social Media

Four ways to use social media to improve performance and job satisfaction

By Cooper Cadman

There are two different aspects of social media management in the workplace that I will focus on. The first is how to manage your staff being on personal social media while they are at work or off work hours. The second, and maybe more unique, is how to engage your staff with the use of social media.

Secret Sauce Nuggets — An Interview with a Practice Owner

By Eileen Rodri Carter, PT, DPT, MBA

Lisa Mackell, MPT, and a member of the Impact Editorial Board, posed some questions to Eileen Rodri Carter, PT, DPT, MBA, owner and president of Comprehensive Rehab in North Carolina. Successful practices often have a “secret sauce” that makes their company stand out, gives them an edge, and is the reason patients and clients choose their practice over others.

Smoothing the Billing Process to Achieve Faster Payment

12 tips to help get paid correctly and faster

By Jessica Matherne

The priority for a billing company is to help their clients get paid quickly and correctly. Unfortunately, many payers don’t share that priority. In fact, they are strongly motivated to find ways to NOT pay valid claims, creating friction in the A/R cycle.

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