How Physical Therapists Can Build, Use, and Optimize a Dashboard and KPIs

Create purposeful dashboards to visualize, track, and manage key clinic metrics

By Adam McCoy

Most rehab therapists pursued a career in order to help people, not because they had a passion for business and data. However, successfully growing your clinical reach and helping patients achieve positive health outcomes also means developing a healthy business strategy—including a deep understanding of business metrics.

Beyond the Bottom Line: Succeeding to Serve

Turn success and wealth into a substantial benefit to the community

By Christine Astarita, PT, DPT

We all joined this profession for our own reasons, but the ability to impact other people’s lives and help them was probably involved, as it often is in healthcare. We also start our own practices for our own reasons; it could be for freedom in time or decisions, based on financial considerations, or to make an impact in the community you choose to serve.

5 Tools to Help Elevate Your Private Practice

Actionable tools to successfully improve your practice outcomes and successes

By Brian Gallagher, PT

As a physical therapy owner, you have already brought your passion for physical therapy to life when you first opened your clinic’s doors and started treating patients within the community.

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